Small Studies

If you are interested in purchasing a study and want to know more about the frame etc., please email me., Or you can purchase pieces by clicking on the Buy it buttons with Paypal online. There are also more options with regards to sizes of archival giclees if you need something for a specific spot or just have a price range in mind.  

River Painting

"River Cobble" 2019

"6"x14" Original Oil on Wood, SOLD

6"x14" Canvas Wrap Giclee Reproduction $90 Buy It

"Not Very Far Behind Us"

"Not Very Far Behind Us"

Oil on Wood 10"x12" $350, Available

Original Oil on Wood $350 Buy It

Montana Artist

"Shade" 2019

"Shade" 6"x14" Original Oil on Wood for sale $300, Canvas Giclee Reproduction $100.00

Original Available $300 Buy It

"Larch on Seeley Lake, Montana" 2019 Alternate Title" When the Larch Falls"

"Larch on Seeley Lake, Montana" 2019 Alternate Title" When the Larch Falls"

7"x12" Original Oil on Wood SOLD $250

Gallery Wrap Canvas Reproduction 1:50 limited Edition $110Buy It

Globemallow photograph, Grand Canyon Artist

"Globemallows in the Houserock Valley"

6"x14" Original SOLD for $350, Canvas Giclee Reproduction$150

Limited Edition Canvas Reproduction (Gallery Wrap) 6"x14" $150 Buy It

Mission Mountains painting

"Night in the Missions, Montana"

Original OIl on Wood SOLD for $350, dimensions 6"x12"

Montana Painter Ani Eastwood

"Steep and Beautiful" 2018

Oil on Wood 6"x14" Original SOLD

Beautiful 10"x20" Hannemule Texture Paper Giclee $90 Buy It

Grand Canyon Artist

"Coral Pink Sand Dune State Park" 2019

Oil on Wood 9"x14" Sold through Rocking V Cafe, Limited Edition Canvas still avilable upon request

Limited Edition Gallery Wrap Embellished Canvas Giclee $140 Buy It

"Missoula Montana Snowbowl" 2017

"Missoula Montana Snowbowl" 2017

Oil on Wood 5"x12" Original SOLD

limited Edition Gallery Wrap Reproduction 5"x12" 4of50 Buy It

Montana Artist

"Lee Metcalf Wildlife Refuge, Montana" 2018

Original Acrylic on Wood 10"x14 SOLD" $200

Limited Edition Canvas Reproduction 10"x14" $125 Buy It

Elk Painting montana artist

"Grazing" 2019

9"x14" oil on wood $300 Available

Original Oil $300 Buy It

Blackfoot River Montana

'Roundup Down, Blackfoot River' 2019

Original Oil on Wood $200, 5"x12" : Available

Original OIl $200 Buy It

"Huckleberry Heaven"

"Huckleberry Heaven"

Original Oil on Canvas SOLD $320,

Seeley Lake, Montana

"Placid" 2019 Seeley Lake, Montana

Original Oil on Wood $625 8"x14"

10"x20" Archival Paper Giclee $90 Buy It

"Dogwood" 2019

"Dogwood" 2019

Original Oil on Wood $240, 7"x12" $440

7"x12" Gallery Wrap Gicee limited edition $90 Buy It

Ani Eastwood original oil

"Creek" 2019

Original Oil on Wood 7"x12" SOLD for $350.

Limited Edition Gallery Wrap Embellished Giclee $110 Buy It

Bitterroot River Painting

"Bitterroot River' 2015

Original Acrylic on Canvas Sold $400, Canvas Giclee Reproduction 11"x14" $110

fisherman painting montana artist

"Copper John" 2016

Oil on Canvas 10"x14" $200: Available

Original Oil on Canvas $200 Buy It

guitar painting

"Guitar" 2009

Original Sold $300,

Blackfoot River, Montana Artist

"Keeping Up the Pace, Small Study" 2019

Original Small Study of "Keeping up the Pace" 2019 10"x20" Available $650

Original Oil $650 Buy It

montana wildflowers

"Yarrow" 2019

Original Oil on Wood 7"x16" SOLD

Limited Edition Gallery Wrap Giclee 7"x16" $130 Buy It

Macklay Flats, Montana

"Montana Snowbowl from the Bitterroot River"

Oil on Wood 8"x14" Original SOLD $300

Embellished LImited Edition Canvas Giclee on handmade frame $140 Buy It

Waterfall Painting

"Tributary" 2019

Oil on Pine 11" x 20 1/2" Original Available : $850 Please contact me directly for original inquiries

10"x20" handpainted paper giclee on textured paper $110 Buy It

Rattlesnake Trailhead, Montana" 2019

"Sawmill Gulch, Rattlesnake Wilderness, Montana"

Oil on Pine 10"x14" Original Sold, Canvas Reproduction Available

Handpainted archival Giclee on textured paper $90 11"x14" Buy It

Rattlesnake Creek Montana

"Rattlesnake Creek Study"

Oil on Canvas Painted Plein Air on Rattlesnake Creek up Duncan Drive. Original Oil SOLD, Limited Edition Reproductions available

9"x12" Archival Giclee $35 Buy It

Studies are mostly painted plein air or from photographs I've taken. I really enjoy sitting down and working out ideas with smaller works. Many may transition into larger pieces later on. Ideas from small pieces are imperitive to larger works. Since they are lower commitment, many times the paint flows easiest and are not as controlled as the larger pieces. This creativity brings about really good ideas and helps technique grow.