Grand Canyon Expeditions Company

Visit Grand Canyon Expediditons Company for information on a Grand Canyon river trips. Motorized 8 day expeditions and 4 day Dory Trips are available. Many knowledgeable, professional boatman will help to make the Grand Canyon experience once in a lifetime. There is nothing quite like the waterfalls and side canyons of Grand Canyon. My husband Greg Eastwood and I river guide for this company, and would love to see you on the river! Visit their website for more information.

Grand Canyon River Guides

Visit the Grand Canyon River Guides website. GCRG is responsible for education and many positive projects concerning Grand Canyon. We are proud members of this organization and support it's endevours

Rocking V Cafe

Please visit this wonderful restaurant and gallery in Kanab, UT to see my original giclees for sale. Special thanks to Victor Cooper for my gallery sponsorship

These sites may also provide pertinant information about the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon National Park Service

USGeological Survey website

Grand Canyon Association

Grand Canyon Wildlands Council

Balanese Painting (Neka Art Museum-Ubud)

The bulk of my technical training occurred with Balanese painting master Dewa Biang Raka in Bali . Balanese painting styles have inspired me since childhood. Please view thier amazing artwork

For Montana Inspiration, I look to Monte Dolack,

For Grand Canyon Artiists, Please visit the Grand Canyon Celebration of Art website

Classic Grand Canyon Artisits

Thomas Moran

Bruce Aiken

Ed Mell

For Newspaper Coverage, Please see these two articles

Made in Montana Member

Supporter of Montana Artist's Association

Other Giclee Printers in Missoula

Montana Artist Listing

Celebrated Montana Artists

MPAA Artists

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